Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Day Job vs My Passion

I have many passions. I like to read. I like to draw. I like to craft. I like to take photos. My day job is neither of those. Therefore, my day job does NOT equal my passion. What would it be like to work, while enjoying your passion? I may never know. Maybe someday. Not today. I guess I could always change my passions to meet my day job.

Maybe I will try that. Hi..I’m Betty Sue and my passions are working away from home, driving family sized motor vehicles (read: shuttling children to and fro), frolicking in soap suds and basting turkeys. Yeah. Lets go with that.

What about you? What are you passions?


Miss Daisy said...

My passion is gardening! I'd love to be a gardener at Thanksgiving Point and make mula off of it. But alas, it brings in pittance compared to what I make now. Sigh.

blueviolet said...

My passion is scrapbooking but sadly, I hardly ever have time to do it because of blogging. I love blogging but I truly love scrapbooking even more.

Erin said...

Reading and watching some tv shows are passions for me. Oh, and at the top of my list is talking with good friends!

Martha said...

I have many passions and feel very fortunate and count my blessings my career coincides w/my passion for helping others.
I am passionate about art, nature, family, friends, food, finding the funny, and minimizing drama.

I hope you can exercise your passions, it helps us with all the baloney we have to put up like the mom's taxi, dishes, chores, etc.