Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Mother is on Facebook

Okay, not really. But, my father is. Does that count? It’s just weird to admit that my parent is on *cough* Facebook *cough*. A site originally geared to compete with myspace. Who’s laughing now? I’m pretty sure Myspace is. Although, I guess it could be Facebook (laughing, that is) as the last article I read indicated their user rates were higher. But that couldn’t possibly be because my father and your mother are on there? Could it? I’m just sayin’.

I know I am not the only one with a parent on there. A co-worker has admitted that her mother is on -what her mother lovingly calls- “SpaceBook” (read: Facebook). Does your mother (or father) Facebook?


Martha said...

My 83 y/o Uncle Bud is on FB. I am such a FB slacker, I have to make FB appts to connect w/folks.

Erin said...

My husband's stepmom is on facebook. She says this is the only way she can keep in touch with Christian's siblings - they don't contact anyone in any other way besides facebook. I guess we've got to stay up with the times?

blueviolet said...

No way. My mother can barely handle email. She's so clueless.